Spam and Virus Filtering

SpamZone uses all the best methods to block spam and provides comprehensive spam-blocking and anti-virus protection for your company. We target approximately 99% blockage. A huge benefit is that companies don’t have to have another box in their data rack or pay the annual support subscriptions with SpamZone.


Features include the following:


  • Blacklisting of websites & domains :

SpamZone maintains an up-to-date list of the largest and most aggressive known spammers. This list is maintained by both SpamZone and other anti-spam groups. This list is automatically updated on each SpamZone Spam Firewall.


  • Keyword scanning of emails:

Our scanning methods include a scoring system such that emails are scored based on a number of criteria. If the score is above a threshold, then that email is flagged as spam. The SpamZone team constantly monitor & update these keywords based on current activity so there is virtually no lost messages.


  • Checksum technology:

SpamZone monitors email traffic through the Internet and uses checksum technology to keep track of the number of times a particular message has appeared on the Internet. If a message has appeared over a certain number of times, it is categorized as known spam. Checksums of known spam messages are utilized by SpamZone to block spam messages.


  • Message authenticity checking:

Several algorithms are utilized to verify the authenticity of a message. Some of these are simple checks to verify that the “from address” is authentic. Some are more complex relating to SMTP protocol.


  • Blacklists and Whitelists:

Domains, IP’s and email addresses can be blocked or whitelisted (allowed through). These lists may be maintained on a per user basis or on a corporate basis.


  • Rate Controls:

Utilized to stop denial of service attacks as well as dictionary based spam attacks. These are integrated in SpamZone.


  • File type attachment blocking:

Known malicious file types are blocked from entering your e-mail. These attachments are also scanned using the built-in Anti-Virus protection.


  • Anti-Virus Protection:

In addition to anti-spam protection, SpamZone provides protection against email based threats such as malicious viruses and worms, which is where 95% of viruses originate. This additional measure is built-in to our service and updates on an hourly basis to ensure the latest definitions are in place.




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