Whether your company is accessing the Internet, or sharing resources from office to office – run mission critical applications, broaden your customer base and increase revenue with our Business T1. Our business T1 is an affordable, business-class high-speed solution that offers 99.9% guaranteed uptime backed by superior customer service and support.




  • Competitive Rates
  • Best-in-class SLAs
  • Fast access to the Internet
  • Flexible installation options
  • 24×7 monitoring and support


With today’s technology we can deliver speeds starting at 384Kbs and up to 12Mbs with our T1 bonding product, a full MPLS private network to share resources with the remote offices, priority and dedicated access T1s for ABS Cloud Based VoIP services with the best prices available. All ABS services include a 24/7/365 Level 1 Technical Support and a 24/7/365 NOC staff to fulfill provided Service Level Agreements.


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"Cloud computing is moving from a new idea to the next big strategy for optimizing how IT is used"
Daryl C. Plummer
Managing VP & Gartner Fellow