VoIP Services

Features and Benefits


Hosted VoIP Service can provide you a total communications solution that you will never outgrow. The solution scales to your business needs, no matter your size or the number of your locations. Additionally, we liberate your staff from having to wrestle with obsolete hardware, arcane programming, or messy administrative tasks. Lastly, because we consider it our business to provide the highest-quality, most innovative and most effective voice technology answers to your business, we do not charge you “upgrade fees” or “maintenance charges.” We will stay on top of technology, so YOU can concentrate on what you do best – running your business.


Why Us?


We offer you integrated voice, data, anti-spam, anti-virus and web hosting services, all at an economical monthly rate with minimal upfront start-up costs. With 35 years of experience as an Interconnect and decades in IT services, we have the reputation, track record, and know-how to create a powerful and effective business communications system for you. Moreover, we have assembled best-of-breed vendors and network providers to deliver high-quality service, comprehensive training & support and continuous technological innovation. Partner with us for your success! Contact ustoday for a customized business case analysis to see how our Hosted VoIP Services can create savings for you.


What are My Options?


If you are an enterprise business, you are likely using a Key System or Centrex service to fuel your company’s telephone needs. Either way, Hosted VoIP Services can be an attractive alternative for your business.


Key System, PBX or Centrex Replacement


If you’re interested in leveraging state-of-the-art technology to effect productivity enhancements and cost savings, consider Hosted VoIP Service. Unlike a Key System, Hosted VoIP Services require minimal upfront capital expenses, AND we offer far more features than most PBX’s. Unlike Centrex, which is Business Phone Service provided by your incumbent telephone company, Hosted VoIP Service provides you the ability to perform your own Moves/Adds/Changes, a savings of $50-$100 per MAC. Another aspect of Hosted VoIP that sets it apart from key systems or Centrex is that Hosted VoIP enables you to take advantage of features previously available only to big companies – allowing you to project a “larger-than-life” image while still being a small company.


Need to leverage your existing Key System or PBX for a bit longer?


No problem! With VoIPZone IPTrunking (SIP Trunking), virtually any key telephone system or PBX can take advantage of VoIP technology and its many features without fork-lifting your existing equipment. This allows you to transition to VoIP with ease.


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"Cloud computing is moving from a new idea to the next big strategy for optimizing how IT is used"
Daryl C. Plummer
Managing VP & Gartner Fellow