Internet connectivity (or bandwidth) has become one of our required services in life (after fire, police, etc.) In business, it is the backbone of all we do. We require it for browsing the world wide web, to post our websites, to email our customers & fellow workers, for telephone calls, for our data networks…the list goes on and on.


At American Broadband, we understand this. Whether a small to medium business, large multi-office companies, teleworkers or SOHO (small office home office), they all need internet access and we can provide what is required in all of these scenarios.


Let us help you determine what level of bandwidth your organization requires dependent on your needs and goals. Get an idea of what that might look like by reading the following pages in the connectivity submenu.



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"Cloud computing is moving from a new idea to the next big strategy for optimizing how IT is used"
Daryl C. Plummer
Managing VP & Gartner Fellow