Cloud Based PBX

Welcome to the future of VoIP. Voice and Data Convergence built to suit your business…


What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) anyway?


You may have heard the hype, but what exactly are the benefits of VoIP to you as an Enterprise manager/owner?


VoIP allows you to consolidate your telephone and data service onto a single network, enabling you to leverage your investment in IP across multiple communications streams. Moreover, the flexibility of IP has spawned a multitude of productivity-enhancing voice features and services resulting in increases in employee efficiency and productivity.


Your job gets easier too:


Managing moves/adds/changes can be done with the touch of a button. And to top it all off – because you are using your company’s broadband connection for calls between your branches and one-hop voice to the Internet for external calls, VoIP will ultimately lower your phone bill.


We have several great ways to leverage your ROI. For the first time you can fire your long distance company and save 100% with the performance you have always wanted and the features your business deserves.


VoIPZone delivers immediate and long-term benefits for companies, administrators, end users, and customers.


  • Maintain communication even during a disaster or outage with hosted services housed in geographically dispersed data centers.
  • Route calls just about anywhere, anytime with complete transparency to the caller.
  • Depend on dedicated support from VoIPZone 24/7/365.
  • Directly manage services via a convenient web portal.
  • Offer a single messaging service across all locations.
  • Unified messaging brings email, voice messages and faxes to a single location that can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access.
  • Lower captial expenditures by eliminating costly PBX or Key systems.
  • Provides consistant & predictable telephone and data access expense that makes budgeting accurate and simple.
  • Work from just about anywhere, anytime, while remaining accessible and enjoying the same features and functionality available in the office.


American Broadband Small-Medium Business Solutions are extremely cost-effective and secure, particularly when compared to alternatives such as TDM/PBX and Centrex services.


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"Cloud computing is moving from a new idea to the next big strategy for optimizing how IT is used"
Daryl C. Plummer
Managing VP & Gartner Fellow